24 juni 2016

Hello Friday... the after glow

This week I joined on a little adventure with The Holy Kauw Company that was so much fun I'll be glowing for a few days. When Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen wanted to do a special summer lunch production they thought hey why not with actual food and fun people. 

I joined to help blogger friends Mireille and Arno with an extra set of hands and trust me it didn't feel like working for one second. It is a delight to be around these driven creative and food loving people. Two days of soaking in vitamin Inspiration. 

These are snap shots I have taken during the job. More amazing pictures of this production can be seen in the September issue of VT Wonen. Make sure to get a copy. 


During our expat life in Singapore I have not been working and now I want to surround myself with fun projects and inspirational people to grow and develop as a freelancer next to my blog. So if you are looking for a writer, allround creative or brainstorm partner be sure to let me know. I am looking forward to many more collaborations.

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17 juni 2016

Hello Friday.... Feed me!

Just cannot believe I haven't shared my all time favorites with you yet in the food department. I absolutely love food. Not necessarily the preparation of it but definitely the eating part. When we lived in Singapore we enjoyed so many different style kitchens. And here are some of my all-time favorites. The Donna Hay Miso Chicken is so jummie you'll want to eat your fingers with it. The toasted sesame ginger salmon is so velvety smooth and sweet with a ginger edge. To me it is a piece of heaven but I do have to say not everyone is a fan of salmon or sweetness in their food. I love it. And finally the barbecued white fish with a Thai dressing and coconut rice. Oh do try this as well.

I've added links to the recipes on the websites so be sure to click on the images.

There is a large gathering of food inspirations on my Pinterest Food board. But the ones I've tried, tested and loved get a separate category. Those are the true recommendations from my taste buds.

Another recent discovery is the website Isaks Table. I am working for a Dutch agent for a few brands helping out with social media and the newsletters. And we are so excited that this summer we will also launch new products from this great Scandinavian designer living in the United Kingdom. Can't show the products here yet but very soon...

Exciting times for her and my first suggestion seeing her food on this website was we need to invite her for an event for bloggers to promote the products. Hopefully the agent agrees to the plan and the designer says yes. We'll be in for a great treat than.

10 juni 2016

Hello Friday... A shout out to friends

Let me kick off this Friday with a huge congratulations to Irene Hoofs and her team from Koel Magazine. They have just gathered their last bit of funding through a succesfull Kickstarter campaign. Let the hard work begin and the group of enthousaists grow. Follow their adventures of the magazine coming to life on Instagram. 

But she is not the only one with something to celebrate. Another blogger friend has just launched antoher cook book. Soon she'll have more books on the shelf than Jamie Oliver. Congratulations Yvonne from Yvestown. I remember the words in your first book on how you had always wanted to publish a book. So many recipes and hours with your good friend Roel later you have already created a book shelf. Can't wait to see your new pretty in pink collection of recipes. 

I am very proud of these two ladies building their empire and expanding their online succes to offline print. Paper rules! 

For the Koel Magazine you still need to wait another few months but the Yvestown kookt can already be ordered by preorder here

I am looking forward to next week. Have a photoshoot planned with amazing product from Orla Kiely for NCAgencies. I've started to take over their social media and news letters. So much fun to do and just great to be working again. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and we can get creative and productive.

Have a great weekend, keep the celebrations going and let's catch up next Friday. 

X Caroline

3 juni 2016

Hello Friday... Walk to the weekend in style

Unlike many other women I don't have a thing for shoes. That is... not the quantity of them. I think it is because not many shoes can make my heart skip a beat. Last week I landed on the website of Free People. Their fashion is too much hippy style for me but their shoes are right up my alley. I loved these Mystic blue peep toe sandals. Definitely selected to go on the Favorite Friday list. To see them in action I always view the catwalk from ASOS. Best way to see how they look on the feet.

But these were not the only ones I loved. This collection makes me want to be a shoes woman...

And there is more to discover in the Free People collection than just shoes and fashion. Their home collection also has some gems. They have this mini quilted couch online that has beautiful textured fabric. For someone else it may look like a train wreck from a house full of cats but I think it is something special.

As I am talking about shoes I would also like to share another brand that I've first spotted a few years ago. I think my love for this one comes from the craftmanship you can see in the shoes. The Bryr clogs look so soft and comfortable I could walk on them all day. Very nice colours and a good instagram account with many inspiring photos. Make sure to visit their website and Instagram account.

I love how more and more brands use Instagram to create a community for their brand. After all it is the perfect platform to create an image and show the atmosphere that your products belong in. At Bryr Clogs they also emphasize the craftsmanship and handmade aspect of their amazing collection. A account to follow if you are looking to do the same for your own brand. 

27 mei 2016

Happy Friday everybody...

I quickly fell in love with the aluminium pots with handles from SMD Design from Sweden. This beautiful minimalistic design has very well chosen colours. My first encouter with these beauties was on the website Lovely Market. When I continued to the brands site I was even more happy to find out the products name is Tivoli. The same name of the street where I grew up.
In the past I had already seen some really nice posters from Walnut & Walrus. Their wooden monkey and big hat with legs and walrus are populair decorations. Their clothes collection was still new to me. As a mother of two boys I find it very difficult to find nice sleepwear. This dino print and the colours used are perfect! In a soft beautiful organic cotton this shirt and legging makes a cosy outfit for the dreamy hours. And for the smaller kids there are onesies and bodysuits. 

My final inspiration is from Nofred. The reason why I was looking for a wooden design kids chair online had to do with a dream I had last night. In my dream I found a barely used wooden design chair next to a dumpster. I took it with me to some festival style party on a large field and after taking my eye away from my stool for a second it was gone. Dream analyzers can comment and let me know what the dream meant. For me it was 'wake up and source that amazing chair'. Couldn't find it but Nofred from Denmark didn't disappoint me with their sweet mouse style kids chair. 

Before I take off to enjoy the weekend I'll share my guilty pleasure. I love the filters on Snapchat. Make sure you look me up {Lillelykke_blog} and find out what keeps me busy. 

Have a KOEL weekend and let's catch up next Friday!

X Caroline

20 mei 2016

Not your ordinary Friday....


This will be me all day today running around town with a oversized birthday cake on my head with 41 candles. Looking forward to celebrate. And a massive congratulations to my grandmother who turns 95 today. We share the same birthday and I hope to do so for as long as she is happy to be with us. She inspires me not to feel too old at 41. 

I am off the celebrate. Hope you have a great weekend and week and see you again next Friday with a more regular Favorite Friday post. 

It's my birthday.... yay yay... it's my birthday.... yay yay....

Oh and if you want to get me something special for my birthday do support my friend in making her dream come true of launching a new magazine. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a KOEL (read as cool) group of people to fund this magazine. 

13 mei 2016

YESSS it's Friday!

The hurdle of the first week in school is taken. The early mornings we need to get used to again and no more lazy evenings like you have during the holidays. So my sentiment today says... YESSS it's Friday!

Something I loved this week. I have painted our trailer by the sea white on the inside but still flirt with the idea to add color on one wall. I am leaning towards a pale peach or coral color best represented in these rugs by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Also love the ambiance of this home created in a stable in London. Turns out it comes close to the Pantone colors of 2016.

After a few years of 'slow blogging' it is also very nice to revisit some brands I used to love. It didn't surprise me that the craftsmanship and love for wood made me fall head over heels again for Slow Wood. Here some of their new items that caught my eye. Love how timeless they are and how well you can combine these items in a designer home as well as a mid century lovers interior as in a more country style pad.

If you haven't seen it already on social media... can I make a shout out for a friend. You most likely all know her as she is the amazing Irene Hoofs from Bloesem blog. She knows how to build a brand from a passion. And now she is tapping into something new by publishing a new magazine KOEL. Find out all about KOEL by watching the video at this link.

And finally going through a BoligMagasinet coming from my sister who lives in Oslo I saw a poster from Anne Novak called Orbit Leaf. It brings me back to a textile printing technique I've been hoping to do from quite some time now. This summer I must give this a try. In addition I have added two more posters from Theposterclub.com that resemble sites I've visited this week when screening through images and inspirations on Pinterest.

Time to leave you for now. Let's catch up again next week. We're looking forward to a long weekend. They say the wether is going to turn but with all these inspirations the sun will continue to shine in our heads.

X Caroline

29 april 2016

Happy Friday everybody

Amazing! Absolutely amazing. Today I had a great work meeting. Something nice and fun that I am really looking forward to. It made me do some research on traditional Swedish rug making and I came across a website that sells vintage rugs. These are both made in 1950 and are both unused and for sale. Give me budget now as I really love the first and last rug shown here. Great craftmanship, beautiful colors and love the textures that create height in the rug.  It's my birthday coming soon so if anyone is still looking for inspiration (hint hint).

Another great rug that would be more than welcome in my home is the Pampa rug. Handwoven in Argentina in vibrant colors and modern designs creating a very desirable eye catcher for your home. This week I have pinned several great rugs in my Pinterest Fabric designs I love board. It must be that I have fallen in love with weaving myself that I am so into these handmade rugs.

And finally something else for Friday Favorite... my kind of fashion. Comfortable, beautiful colors, pockets in dresses and quality material. In Singapore I would always wear dresses like this or comfortable shirts with shorts. Can't wait for summer to have easy morning desicions to make in my wardrobe. This blue Humanoid dress and check oversized top are all in the style and shape that I would practically live in.

In this shirt I could lie on the rugs and simply blend in.

Wishing you all a very happy Friday and a great weekend. Let's hope the sun will be shining and we can flirt with Spring outdoor living. Can't wait to catch up next Friday.

X Caroline

22 april 2016

Happy Friday everybody

Good morning and a happy Friday to you all. After a week of kids with runny noses and very fresh (cold!) temperatures I am ready for some light reading and uplifting inspirations. We have made a selection of recent discoveries online. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do and feel inspired to get creative, treat those tastebuds, get shopping and make small changes to your home. Here we go with our very first Favorite Friday...

Through Pinterest I found this artist. So inspired by her story of her having a Master's degree in Music and ending up as an amazing ink printing artist. I sometimes feel limited by the fact that I wasn't educated to do something but this proves you don't need the diploma to be really good at something. Just follow your heart. Make sure you follow Andrea Lauren on Instagram as she posts the most amazing work.

Another thing I come across more and more online is the 'grow your own' plant. I remember a few years ago watching a tv show in German (not my best spoken language) about all the fruits and vegetables you have in your cupboard that you can easily regrow again. One example of that is this pineapple plant. Having lived in Singapore I have seen these grow in the botanical gardens. Don't think our Dutch climate is warm enough but I am very tempted to give this one a go this summer. At the moment I am testing the grounds with a left over piece of ginger.

The cactus. I still cannot get enough of it. Don't want one in the house as I have two little boys running around. But I have painted a large one that we had on the wall in Singapore and I see some great cactus inspired creations online. Such as the beautiful embroidery pieces by Sarah K Benning. Do follow her Instagram and check out her Etsy shop as she has recently started to sell templates for her amazing designs.

And last but surely not least. How amazing are these Moebe frames from Denmark. I have already experimented with buying two cheap frames and using both glass pieces on one but you see the black metal parts that keep it together. Not on these babies as they are beautifully crafted so that you don't see anything else than oak frame and the items on display. I have some flower press dried leaves and flowers as a souvenir from Singapore that look amazing in these frames.

There... my first Favorite Friday is up. I cannot wait to see you all again next week. Have a great weekend!!! And do comment as I love to be in touch. Have some great plans up my sleeve for that as well but first things first.

X Caroline

13 april 2016

A big change on my blog

From now on Lille Lykke blog will offer you the best inspiration on a weekly basis. Every Friday we post all the things that have turned a light on in our head. A beautiful mix between online and offline. After all inspiration comes from many directions.

We hope you will join us on this journey. In addition we are working on putting together some workshop plans. Still looking for a great location so as soon as I have news on this I will swiftly update you all.

See you next Friday!


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